Automatic timeline of paintings

Automatic Timeline of Paintings (De Smedt, Crombez & Nijs, 2016) is an automated visual timeline of paintings based on Wikipedia's corpus of 3,500 artists.


Valence (De Smedt, Menschaert & Lechat, 2011) is an interactive installation that represents the player's affect (relaxation or arousal) by measuring alpha brain waves, using a wireless EEG headset.

City In A Bottle

City In A Bottle (De Smedt, Marinus, Lechat, De Bleser & Vets, 2011) is a procedural, endless game world of plants and flowers. The game engine is written in Python, using NodeBox for OpenGL.


Nebula (De Smedt & Lechat, 2010) is an exemplar generative artwork developed in NodeBox. It was exhibited at the Creativity World Biennale 2010.


Nanophysical (Lechat & De Smedt, 2010) is a visual metaphor of nanotechnology. The wall piece spans 65m and is permanently exhibited at Imec (European institute for nanotechnology).


Wallflower (Lechat & De Smedt, 2010) is an expressive wallpaper design exhibited at the International Design Biennale, Liège, 2010.

Fortis Tree

Fortis Tree (De Smedt, De Bleser & Marinus, 2007) is an interative L-system of portrait photos, commissioned by Fortis Bank for the Fortis Convention 2007.


Blotter (Menschaert, De Bleser & De Smedt, 2005) is a swarm installation consisting of robot vehicles equipped with a microphone and a felt-tip pen.