UltraWiki - conventions


As UltraWiki grows, pages tend to run out of titles.

Naming a page Introduction is a bad idea, because a lot of people might want to have some sort of introduction page, while each link to Introduction will redirect to that first page. Moreover, creating a page titled The Truth might offend others on the wiki; they might have a different idea on what this single page holding the truth should say.

Think in advance: choose a detailed title relating to its context.

The naming convention is:

[[Category - page title]]

For example:


In your page, try to provide an elegant backlink to the previous page as well, like this page links back to the UltraWiki page of which it is a part. Otherwise, visitors will have to use the Home link and start all over. Make a backlink that is part of your text, links like Back and Previous or Go dangling at the end of a page tend to clutter things in the long run.