Torth - TRAIN

Dragon finds himself standing on in busy departure hall, crates loading and unloading, the engines already whistling and hooting, children crying and parents angrily retorting. MUSIC: BOURNE IDENTITY - TREADSTONE ASSASINS. Dragon is annoyed, glaring at a series of scrolls that state his transfer to some godforsaken mining colony. It is even a riddle how those things got to where Dragon was. The scrolls had the old guild crest on it, and thus should have meant his death, but somehow they had slithered through to the small production factory were he had hidden away the last years. Probably some young scribe had dealt with them, unaware of the historical implications of the writings on the parchment, indoctrinated by shrewd cant that denied the existence of everything that is, was, and would be different. Then, that clerk would have a seal nearby with the insignia of Dragon=92s syndicate to create the proper documents. However, all of such seals had, or should have been, destroyed. After that the clerk had somehow pieced together Dragon's hidden location. The chance bordered near INFINITY. As if in response to his own thoughts, a leaflet flew across his head. The pompous thing was stamped with Dragon=92s guild crest as well, very small, in the upper right. Everyone was happy it sad. However, some people (obviously but secretively referring to Dragon and other members of the faction) were still unaccounted for, and the authorities would very much like to hear from these persons. There was nothing to fear, a prosperous future was waiting for them. Lies.

When Dragon finally deciphers the parchment he is holding, a thing from the past, undestroyed evidence - or a trap? - he notices the guard patrol standing nearby. He should make haste and get on the train. From the corner of his eye he spots the armoured soldiers being joined by two sinister figures in dark grey robes and scale armour, the guards gesticulating in his direction. Dragon might want to stay out of the men=92s reach.

After Dragon enters the train, a sinister company (thirty) men boards as well, rough-looking, clad in grey robes, and leather and chain armour, armed with bows, axes, knives, hammers, blades, carrying a few heavy chests (loaded with various technology: scopes, explosives, nets, hooks,, and more). Members of the People's Peace Party - or the secret police. Last of all come the three goons Dragon saw earlier. Their leader is an impressive man with a crude beard, Ogre. The train is searched.The hiding place Dragon finds is already occupied by Rogue, escaped from the dungeons, on the run from an angry lord and his beautiful daughter.

Rogue and Dragon's objective is to stay out of reach of these men for two weeks. This will be represented in three short situations, each of which lasts about half-an-hour playtime.

  • SITUATION 1: find a good hiding place and search for food and water, not just one meal but enough to survive in hiding for two weeks. The cargo wagons are separated from the others by the guard wagon, so robbing those is folly. Inns and taverns will require huge amounts of money. The train is passing over sea at this point, so the most likely plan is to go fishing, stealing nets and fishing rods is not that difficult. During the process they will run in to one of the dark-robed men. On his body they might find a note stating that the suspect (Dragon) should be hunted down until he is dead. Faking their own death might be a good thing.
  • SITUATION 2: go fishing. MUSIC: TORMENT - BAATOR. A rock hovers above the sea, floating, with fishermen=92s cots on its surface and even a little harbour =96 not a hundred meters between both. A "slow-motion sea storm", with gigantic waves attracted to the rock. Fish are up for grabs. One the players is swept overboard, hanging from his fishing line, bouncing into one of the =93hangers=94 (passengers that bricolate their own house at the side of the train) who promptly starts attracting a lot of attention. At this point three or four soldiers emerge onto the train rooftop, and a fight erupts. MUSIC: BOURNE IDENTITY - ESCAPE FROM EMBASSY.