Torth - THE SEAL

Eventually, the Torth nobles will show Elf the mines. Here, Elf has a first glimpse of how things are really run around here: the meagre mineworkers. The nobles chat about the artefact cemetery, how it runs endlessly into the mountains, and how it has various exits onto the surface, most of which haven=92t even been mapped yet. But the people in the archives are working very fast. They show Elf the entrance to the artefact cemetery - a lift descending into the deep =96 but not the place itself. Elf gets a glimpse of the lift mechanism, but it seems to complex to comprehend for anyone but a real technician. To do anything with it, Elf would have to request a technician of his faction to come over - there will be no help from around here.

To accomplish this, he will have to have a talk with the Torth bureaucrats. MUSIC: BOURNE IDENTITY - JASON=92S THEME. The first one of those he meets is a fat disinterested man, that sends him on to a slender, very agitated man. Hm, a bit confused are we today, master Elf, hm? There is no seal on your letter. I can't very well send a letter if it doesn't have seal on it, now can I? Always keep your head where it belongs, master Elf! We wouldn't want our thoughts to wander around for a bit, now would we? Think of the mess that would be: a world with documents and letters that have no stamp on them. A world of chaos=85 - What? Oh yes, the seal. No, I'm very sorry, I don't have the seal. That=92s the Hallmark Office, stairs up, second door on the left=85 The next room Elf comes to is filled with scribing desks. Eventually he will reach the desk of the clerk that should have the seal, but this one blandly tells him that all old seals of this kind have been removed, and all new seals have been mistakenly dropped down into the town.

Descent into the town. MUSIC: BOURNE IDENTITY - ELECTRONIC BATTLEFIELD. Elf meets more poor people in the town, and now even has a chance to talk to them. The seals have been stocked in the town shop, waiting to be picked back up. Once Elf has acquired one of those - by whatever means - it's time to head back to the keep and send his letter of request. However, Elf is starting to be a real nuisance, and the nobles of Torth have started using the message tubes intensely, delving into Elf's background. And look! Apparently, the system has made a little "error". A slight forgetfulness that has to be rectified. Elf is to be shipped back to Echelon, immediately. Awaiting further details, the nobles have conveniently decided to lock Elf away. No more tours to the mines or leaving his chamber; Elf is grounded (but the strange door in his room leads to a series of hidden corridors).