Every thousand years the ecumeny gathered to discuss the fate of the world. Now again, this has come to pass. Carnival in the streets. The emissaries enter the senate. MUSIC: LB3 - NR4. This time, matters will be different. A strong syndicate has emerged, backed by religious zealots and unsavoury technocrats. THE TECHNOCRATIC PARTY: grey robes and chainmail. Dramatic oratory. Less rights, more rules and laws to govern a modern world of technology, production, freedom and security, and wealth. Everything has a price and a value dictated by law. Mass production of weaponry from a strong nation, an iron hand that executes the law. Heavier punishments and the reinstitution of torture. An alliance with the theocracy, reinstitution of the old (fundamental) beliefs. No more polytheism or devilry. The abolishment of myth and fantasy: there is only the reality as described by theology.

SPELLWEAVING: douse the holy flame of Demon's faction. TAUNTING: throw objects (no sensitive paperwork!) at those that enter. Revive an old feud, cold stare in the eye. MUSIC: TWO TOWERS - TREEBEARD, MUSIC: LB3 - NR11.