Torth - ESCAPE

Dragon and Rogue arrive at Torth, Rogue cursing heavily about why he hadn't picked another train to hide in. MUSIC: BOURNE IDENTITY - HOTEL REGINA. They will have to bluff their way into the keep (or does Rogue have plans of his own?), without attracting the attention of their pursuers. After everyone and everything has left the station, the bridge to the keep is raised, to avoid incidents like Elf=92s escape - a process that involves at least twelve men working the wheels.

Now, how are they going to meet Elf? Perhaps Elf has discovered a secret passage? How does Dragon feel about all this? His hiding place has been betrayed, all because of Elf. Once they meet, they can exchange information and hopefully piece a few things together. And now that they are all in the keep, how are they going to get back out? The only way is through the mines. They'll need supplies: weapons (memorial hall), maps of the mine and charts of the surrounding landscape (archives), ration (kitchen), leather bags, tools, and the like (improvise) and gold (nowhere to be found in large quantities).