They are again travelling from there on. MUSIC: BLACK RAIN - AT THE HAIRDRESSERS. But where are they going? Wandering aimlessly seems a fair option. Most likely they will want to get away from anywhere they have been, so the landscape grows a bit gentler. Less rocky mounds and boulders, more moors, and alas, more rain as well. And no shelter in this desolate place. It is raining, the landscape unfurls itself before and below them. As they travel onward, night falls and rain pounds hard as they come near a ruin in the distance: a large rock, with the remnants of a beacon tower set on top of it. RULE: beacon towers in Mecca enhance order, they stabilise the feeling of a unity.

Someone stumbles over something hard, leaving a nasty gash. In the rain the others might not spot him, and he will be left alone, and possibly lose his way. Most of the top is gone, bare to the elements, but among the rubble of the highest chamber are still some worn out scrolls, rusted oculars, and a strange looking spherical object. This machinery the players might use get some bearings, but the chance is much much greater they will accidentally light the sphere beacon in their ignorance, attracting unwanted attention. At night, torches can be seen in the surrounding landscape, passing by when left alone (their pursuers). A dog barks.

When they awake and move on, the will see that the landscape is littered with rusted weapons and armour, and skeletons. The hill with the beacon sports a set of giant nail scratches.