Elf awakens with a start. Had he been daydreaming? It seems as if he had been asleep for almost=85 how long? He finds himself to be sitting at a desk, immerged in paperwork. Scrolls and scribbled notes are strewn all about the room, which seems to be his personal quarters. The room is dusty, apparently he has forgotten to clean it recently - lately - always * busy as he appears to be with his formalities. There is a door in this room that doesn't open, but that's not important now. A skilful knock at the door. MUSIC: BOURNE IDENTITY - MOOD BUILD. A servant delivering a package, a delivery for you my lord, expenses have already been subtracted from your tally my lord=85 for your convenience my lord. Good day my lord. The package looks old and dusty, very old and dusty. It has all sorts of stamps and notes on it, as if it had a hard time reaching its destination. It has been opened and closed again. It was sent ten years ago, one stamp reads. Inside is a smooth object, a WOOD AND METAL BOX, smooth and polished. It serves no obvious purpose. Elf can't open it at this time.

The object is the so-called "useless thought artefact", a very old item that triggers dreams, and daydreams, mysterious dreams of a time long gone, myth and legend. Useless thoughts. However, it is exactly reason for Elf's little awakening: the box has the power to lift the veil of banality. And thus, Elf finds himself awake inside a world that has fallen to sleep, finds himself amongst a heap of parchment that does nothing but confirm and negate itself, elaborate and correct itself. Letters and scrolls that never have been sent. RULE: IN THE TRAPDOOR WORLD, ALL THAT IS NEGLECTED FADES AWAY. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP ONE'S MIND AT THE TASKS AT HAND. Elf has been kept busy and distracted with useless paperwork. Browsing through the rubbish, slowly Elf regains a sense of what he is doing here.

Apparently, Elf was sent to Torth as his guild's envoy. The Torth faction claimed to have discovered certain equipment that could dramatically influence the sharing of ideas, and planned to make a huge gain out of this. This contradicts to the beliefs of Elf's guild: the sharing of ideas should be free to all. The discovered machines should either be shared with the world, or best left untampered with. What Elf doesn=92t know at this point however, is that a long time has passed, and that the machinery has already been applied ("the machinery" are enhancement components to the ordinarily quite sluggish tube messaging system, found at the artefact cemetery, and speeding the exchange device up to near instantaneous - a fact proven by the arrival of the useless thought artefact). And the instalment of this technology is used for entirely unsavoury purposes: an increase of unstable technological knowledge, warmongering, extortion, wanted postings, the enrichment of a happy few.

It's up to Elf to either thwart this plan or not. In any case he would likely venture out of his room at this point to meet his new friends: Torth's leaders. MUSIC: BOURNE IDENTITY - THE INVESTIGATIONS. At this point he has no idea who is calling the shots, so their little game of deception and postponement will most likely seem all very important to Elf. He has a total freedom to do as he pleases, or so it seems. Relevant questioning is ignored by the nobles, the subject diverted to the horror of growing old and ugly and without strength and honour for example. Elf is unauthorized to leave the keep. Delegates are constantly at his side, dragging him from a banquets to guided tours. The delegate that spends the most time at his side is Trias (CONNOTATION: Trias the Betrayer). EXAMPLE: a visit to the memorial hall, where a delegate shows him the banners, the powerful icons that keep the realm together, revered and feared by all. His sword, a family heirloom, that has dealt justice for many generations now. The book of rites and rules, a description of how things have always been done, and always should be done. Better to remain ignorant than to immerse oneself into the chaos of change, my lord Elf. EXAMPLE: a banquet were the useless thought artefact triggers itself and subjects Elf to daydreaming. Awakening from it, he finds the entire party quite silently regarding him. Apparantly the lady of the keep has directed a question towards him. Very dangerous to let the mind wander, master Elf. Dangerous. Now what shall we do about that, hm? EXAMPLE: awakening from one of his reveries, Elf finds himself sitting in the garden with some delegates, or alone in the kitchen at night.

It is time for Elf to take matters back into his own hands, pursue the goal he was sent here for.