"But we, insofar as we have power over the world and over the world and over one another, we must learn to do what the leaf and the whale and the wind do of their own nature. We must not act in ignorance. Having choice, we must not act without responsibility. Who am I - though I have the power to do it - to punish and reward, playing with men's destinies?" "But then," the boy said, frowning at the stars, "is the balance to be kept by doing nothing? Surely a man must act, even not knowing all the consequences of his act, if anything is to be done at all?" "Never fear. It is much easier for men to act than to refrain from acting. We will continue to do good and to do evil=85 But if there were a king over us all again and he sought counsel of a mage, as in the days of old, and I were that mage, I would say to him: My lord, do nothing because it is righteous or praiseworthy or noble to do so; do nothing because it seems good to do so; do only that which you must do and which you cannot do in any other way."

The links below point to the various chapters in the Torth story, which is actually less MASSIVE than it seems.

Day one/ 3.5 hours
Day two/ 4 hours: 1/1/2
Day three/ 4.5 hours: 0.5/1.5/2.5
Day four/ 3.5 hours: 0.5/1.5/0.5/1
Day five