Morberg - the market

Morberg's market square is quite small, with a grassy field and a tree. Around it, stalls are cramped together, spreading out to the alleys beyond, filled with things and trinkets: binoculars, an astrolabe, lenses, paper, tea, tobacco, a leather tobacco pouch, leather belts, warm grey cloaks inlaid with fur, good boots treated with strengthening oils, a belt that hold flasks of oil, a sturdy pouch to hold books and scrolls, lanterns, tindersticks, a small keg of excellent ale, a whistle, an elegant smoking pipe, detonators, a short sword, a long bow, a crossbow, a grappling hook, good sturdy rope, hairpins, earrings, tattoos, a deck of cards, travel maps, books on the arcane, books on history, oil, thieving tools, fruit (apples), roasted meat, hazel nuts, beer, reading glasses, pots and pans, travelling packs, hip bags, needles, hammers, wrenches, Rubik's cube, cats, dogs, matches, kidney knife, throwing knives, vials of posion, gunpowder, dice, charcoal, a music box, cigars, a suit of chainmail, fishhooks, fishing wire, iron wire, a dragon's tooth, honey, axes, herbs and spices, a handmirror, torches, waterskins, a padlock, horses, ink, a flower.

Sadly, all of it is too expensive for you - the one merchant that keeps his prices low doesn't understand you.

The town hall is located on the market square, as well as an innhouse that occupies some houses down the alley leading to the dockyards, and a small church with broken windows and crows. Behind it is a cemetary, quite the rundown place.

Morberg has its own peculiar rules and regulations concerning trade. No one really seems to be in charge, the happy population of tradesmen, salesmen, shopkeepers, buyers, notaries, hired mercenaries, armed pirates, ship crews, whores, dwarves, acrobats and circus people, all have their own personal laws and codes they enforce with violence whenever necessary. The only widely accepted rule is the one that entitles anyone to the unhampered making of profit. Hampering profit might be entering a shop and not buying anything (useless), for example.

All in all, the market is a pleasant experience, albeit chilly.