Morberg - the dockyard

Morberg lies secluded from the rest of the world - in fact there doesn't seem to be any real world outside of Morberg - but it is an important heart of trade and commerce nonetheless. Here in the dockyard no sailing boat moors, but elegant floating airships, all slender wood and colorful sails and balloons. A steam-powered engine rattles away, with canvas tubes connected to it providing the ships' balloons with hot air. Ramhackle wooden ramparts rise high into the air, serving as quays for the ships. Wooden pulleys and ropeworks load and unload the wares. Bells resound whenever a ship moors, giving the sight of the colorful vessels apparating from the winter mist overhead an ominous feel.

The most impressive of the myriad of ships that each look as unique as its home, is a great warship.

Errant, the harbourmaster, keeps an eye on business here - and more likely his other eye on any interesting ship cargo.

Not to far from the dockyard is the shipwright's workshop.