Morberg - the dark heart of the woods

Leaves dwirl down in the old, ancient woods near Morberg. At the heart of the woods, the trees have no leaves, only roots and branches clutching in every direction, intertwining. In the mist and the darkness the trees almost seems to dribble oil, weeping, drip drip dip.

These trees are in fact one and the same entity, a malicious sentience brooding !n the central oak tree. Around it, eight trees catch its falling and rotting acorns, rolling them down grooves in their branches, tucking them away in holes in their bark. The trees closest to the oak holds one hundred and twenty eight acorns in this way, each of the other trees half of the previous tree, down till the youngest tree that holds a single acorn. Branches grow or rot away, passsing down acorns to the other trees farther from the central heart.

Another creature dwells here as well, dressed in colorful socks. A leprechaun, named Bob. Bob. Its favorite hiding place is the great oak, and as Bob is quick and crafty and not at all easy to catch, the quickest way to ensnare the leprechain is to simply cut down the great oak.