Hildmoor - the swordmaker

The swordmaker's workshop and smithy is located on the lower levels of the House of Falling Leaves, hidden behind a wall of moss and a heavy wooden door. Inside the low building, the furnace sheds its light on gleaming weaponry in all forms and sizes: backswords, like sabres, scimitars and dragoon swords with a basket hilt: long swords with a single edge, curved to make slicing and chopping easier at the expense of thrusting; knight's swords like the broadsword, the longsword and the greatsword, double-edged blades for single handed use; cut-and-thrust blades like the rapier, used in duelling; bastard swords, a compromise between the shorter knightly swords and the two-handed blades, the Brotherhood's weapon of choice on the battlefield; large two-handed swords, designed for brute force and shock effect, used by the Brotherhood in battle the break up pike formations - first by smashing the pikes, then by crushing the pikemen themselves; cruel axes, war hammers, horseman's picks; suits of chainmail hauberk, steel plated brigandine, leather lamellar and scale armour; wooden shields decorated with an owl, smaller steel bucklers, and boiled cowhide targe shield offering some protection against firearms.

The swordmaker himself is an old man with an impressive white walrus moustache, and long grey braided hair. He knows everything there is to know about hand-to-hand weaponry.

His wife works the bellows while he does the smithing.

It is an entrancing sight to see the old couple working together in silence. And later on in the evening, when the rain falls down gently, they sit in their rocking-chairs sipping tea.