Hildmoor - the old library

Golden rays of morning light fall inwards into the dusty library as the door creak open. The library is seldom visited now, most of the Brotherhood prefer not to dwell upon its contents. The library in the House of Falling Leaves is a tomb: a haphazard collection of letters sent by mail, last cries for help from fallen Brotherhood strongholds, letters still-sealed holding important documents, hastily stuffed inside by already bloodied hands, names and titles of fallen knights, pleas of their women inquiring their dead husband's whereabouts, great envelopes laden with offical stamps and seals, holding bureacratic Autocracy documents proclaiming the Brotherhood's fall from grace, ordering their immediate surrender, demanding the handover of Brotherhood leaders in return for lives spared.

During those days, when Brotherhood stronghold after Brotherhood stronghold was overrun, all letters turned to the House of Falling leaves. A bundle would be waiting on the great seal every morning. And then suddenly, nothing.

Some envelopes hold contents of a more obscure nature, for example Rogue's letters to himself.