Hildmoor - the imperial army

The imperial army is some thirty thousand men strong, divided into six legions, not including the camp followers, servants, and slaves and auxillaries (specialists, engineers and siege craftsmen. Each of the legions has its own commander, about five hundred cavalrymen, light infantry consisting of drafted personnel, and heavy infantry, paid professionals or commisioned by legionnaire trading companies. Each soldier purchases his own equipment, consisting of robes, a helmet, shield, plate body armour, spear and broadsword. The army has a special deal with the Metalux company for price reductions on war equipment.

A legion is furthermore divided in three lines, the younger personnel making up the front, the veterans occupying the rear. The three lines are made up of small companies (of about a hundred soldiers) that each have a name of their own (like the boar or the berserkers), a story line, and blood-oaths shared amongst each other. The honor of the company is a soldier's highest goal. The legions are extremely well-trained, disciplined and determined (it is a well-paid job with a health insurance policy and a dental plan).

The elite part of the army, the regiment, is a thousand riflemen strong, along with a brigade of 18-pounder heavy artillery and an extensive administrative system. They do not wear armour, but have funny sideburns, backpacks, slouch caps and blue pants with a white stripe on the side. They carry breech-loading, single-shot rifles fit with long bayonets. The purpose of these is "to stick your enemy as quickly and as many times as freaking possible", according to the colonel. Most of the men are strong supporters of the technocratic party.