Hildmoor - the house of falling leaves

Sheltered and hidden in the Hildmoor mountains in the distance lies the last remaint of the Brotherhood has gathered in a secluded refuge. A narrow pass winds through the mountains, big enough only for two carts to pass each other, high mountain walls on both sides. Up and up it climbs, until it reaches a grand clearing in the mountains.

Here is a circular square, with a great seal ethed in its stone surface. At the other side is the gate to the House of Falling Leaves. Beyond is a place of wonder and mystery: arching stairwyas, slender towers, and countless of collonaded balconies open to the outside air, or tall buildings set in the moutains stone, all huddled and cramped together. Ivy grows everywhere and spider cobwebs hide inside it, and everywhere the falling leaves. A small and slippery stairway winds up to the tall towers housing the old libary and the Elfinfane and the hidden homes of the Brotherhood (like the swordmaker, or the Wayfarer's House).

At the highest point is a balcony with a great tree overshadowing the complex. It is dying now, its leaves dwindling down. Beyond lies the Hall of Gathering where secretive council is held.

Alder trees are all around growing from between the rocks - when the wind stirs the morning fog it seems almost as if elves where dancing among them. And although you do not see them at first, real sentinels stand everywhere, still and motionless, armed with bows, the hood of their black cloaks drawn over their heads. They do not speak.