Hildmoor - the hall of gathering

The Hall of Gathering in the House of Falling Leaves has a intricately tiled floor, and stone pillars reaching up to a high dome. Ancient suits of armour of the Brotherhood line the walls. At one side is a great hearth, and opposite to it doors of glass lead out to a round balcony with chairs of stone.

Here, the council takes place, in the chill autmun air.

After a council, a banquet is usually held in the hall. Long stone tables would be arrayed around the hearth, the flames and candles playing shadows on the armoured ghosts. Roast boar, thick loaves of bread and mugs of ale would be brought out. Laughter resounds deep into the night as the knights gather around the banquet tables.

It is strange to see the stately Brotherhood resort to song and dance, jesting an jeering, arm-wrestling and dicing... a mask almost seems to fall down.