Hildmoor - the great seal

In front of the gate to the House of Falling Leaves lies a great circular square. Upon it, an ancient seal has been etched, partially hidden under red and brown and yellow leaves. The seal looks very old, and cracked as if its power was fading. It is dear to the men and women of the Brotherhood, and no one may cross it unless an oath is sworn.

When you arrive at the great seal, nine silent figures dressed in great black cloak stand arrayed at the other side, their faces hidden, the tip of their swords protruding from the hem of their great cloaks. It is the ritual of the Great Seal, and they are the finest knights of the Men of the Black Branch. One of them is Karu, the lord of the House of Falling Leaves, though you cannot tell which one. The very air is laden with foreboding, and then one of the sentinels breaks the heavy silence, asking you to step forward. An oath must be taken.