Hildmoor - the erl tree

Outside the Hall of Gathering in the House of Falling Leaves stands a great old red alder tree. The Brotherhood that live here refer to it as The Red Man, smiling enigmatically. What is especially frightening about it, is the nearer you draw, the greater it seems to grow, thick, crooked, and mossy branches jutting out almost directly from the base, choking all light. When you stand directly below the tree, all reality around seems to draw away, you stand in nightmarish darkness, surrounded by the tree's jutting branches as if amidst a forest. Fog coils on the cold ground, sensual shadows dance in the mist and leaves rot in the moist air and silent rays frail sunlight pierce through the darkness.

You do not feel afraid (perhaps you should): the Erl Tree is sheltering you...protecting you. You want to stay here, forever. Then you feel a sudden sense of strength, and a sad longing for verity, and honor, and stillness, the plight of the Brotherhood, fighting for that which cannot fight for itself, suddenly seems all to clear.

Some claim the tree has a door in it.

Sometimes, Karu, the lord of the House of Falling Leaves, can be found here kneeling at the tree, wearing a great red cloak stretching as far as you can see.