Hildmoor - the engineer

The engineer is an impressive man, bald with a moustache, his muscled body covered in tattoos, of which a dragon curled around his arm stands out. He carries a set of heavy wrenches and a sheath for a knife, which is strangely missing. One of this tattoos remarks on this: missing items: 1/ heartgrinder.

The engineer is as genial as he is mad. He cares nothing for the war and both sides' point of view - he works as a heavily paid contracter for the better equipped side, which could easily be described as oppressors, tyrants, zealots. These the engineer provides with improved steam engines that drive their balloon warships, incendiaries that are hurled from the skies, catapults, boltthrowers, gas-powered harpoons, lightning flares, gunpowder, jagged caltrops, shrapnel bombs.

His best-paid contract so far was the construction of the artefacts that rushed the Raven Hill. The engineer is currently away from the battlefield - he is preparing his next project somewhere in Harbat. Things are running slow because some fool from the Harbat storehouse has misplaced his tinkerbox.