Hildmoor - the brewery

Down in the cellars of the House of Falling Leaves is a great hall with copper vats rising up several storeys, surrounded by wooden constructions. All around are roller mills, mash tuns, impressive lauter tuns with raking arms, and other wooden contraptions, handcrafted and undecorated.

Brotherhood move about in silent robes, brewing the House's dark and heavy mead. The lamplit corridors around the brewhouse hold keg after keg of it.

A small and shaky table holds some books on brewing and a music-box that sends a somewhat eerie tune into the hall as the brewers work away in silence.

At night, Hearm, the Brotherhood head brewer, can be found here sitting slunken at this table, playing the same tune from the box over and over again, a keg of ale near, the man gesturing into the dark, talking to himself.