Hildmoor - rogue's second letter

The second letter has almost crumbled to dust, and it smells of the salted sea. Again, the return and sender address are both addressed to Rogue, with a forward to Hildmoor penned next to it:

I have foresaken my Elisabeth. She has followed me in death too long now. I have failed everyone. There is only death: when I reach for the light I am cast back into shadow. Should you meet her again, she may not know us anymore, rash choices and the ill passage of time has led to that; even now she forgets. But I have given her a gift, something to remind my love and legacy by, and a release from this suffering, my blade, a dagger, the blade of the Immortal, the Blade of Mortality. I will find my own death in another way, no doubt.

There is one last letter.

But there should be more - those seem to be lost?