Hildmoor - rogue's first letter

On a table in the old library in the House of Falling Leaves, hidden beneath a pile of unopened mail, is a small bundle of interesting letters. The return and sender address are the same, both addressed to someone named Rogue, but some other hand has hastily scribbled something on the side: when returned, forward to Hildmoor.

The oldest letter in the bundle looks yellowed and worn, patched together with transparent adhesive tape.

My name, is Rogue, the first, the only one. To you I leave this acursed legacy, into eternity, my damned brother. When I die, you will be one of the last living remnants of our Brotherhood. We have been betrayed. Only ashes and dust remains of our Order. The ancient Order of Brothers runs in your veins as it does in mine, forsake this legacy not! The men of the Black Branch scatter in all directions now, searching for the one they say is named Elf. My own journey to Gomengelagu has brought nothing but suffering. I found something... else... instead of this Elf. The Knight is hunting for me, relentlessly, as he will come for you no doubt as well. You must be prepared. You must fight him. I have hidden under every stone in Mecca for the past ten years, but still he comes for me. We fight until dawn, his will is powerful, and my skill with the sword wanes. You must never hesitate. You must never relinquish your sword. You are me. I bid you strength and honor when the time comes.

There are other letters as well.