Hildmoor - karu

The lord of the House of Falling Leaves is as impressive as he is eccentric: slender as a willow branch, head and shoulders rising over each man and woman, a rough white beard with strands of red entangled with twigs and leaves. His scarred workerman's hands are dirty with soil. The elfin man dresses in impressive black flowing garments, except during the archaic Brotherhood ceremonies, when he wears a crown of thorny twigs and a great bloodred cloak that trails and billows behind him for several flights of stairs, or during his gardening activities, when he sports plastic yellow gardening boots and a green leather apron, colorful bucket and trowel in his hands.

During battle, Karu paints the inside of his fingers black, and his face white, appearing as a frightening banshee with long talons instead of hands.

His wife, Ariel, is even more weird. Radiant as a star, she dresses in pure white and speaks little. At night, she moves about the House, smiling enigmatically. They are always holding hands, uncertain fingers fondling.