Hildmoor - dragon's hangout and posse

Somewhere in the hood, a metal door with a peepinghole slid that can be opened from inside (to look at who's knocking) is the entrance to Dragon's hangout. Inside, a very impressive huge black man with golden teeth named Bouncer guards the door and will let you in - if you are lucky and wearing the right colors.

The dirty steel door hides a world of pleasure and luxury. A dark red light engulfs the hallway and a double door swings open as you enter the club. A mass of people stands dancing, - or rubbing against each other - on the dancefloor. The women have removed their clothing alltogether, except for a piece of fluorescent underwear. On the far end of the room, slick leather seats are located. Here, a mix of shady figures lounges in dimmed lights. The engineer, Dragon, is here as well, surrounded by bitches and his posse, a thick cigar in his mouth.

Next to the bar is a door. Above the dancefloor an empty cage dangles, with the name "Pet" on it. Lights flashing and music pounding and throbbing. The place is absolutely packed but you can sometimes, in the flashes of the lights see figures standing on the first floor looking down on the crowd.