Hildmoor - da hood

Inside the encampment protected with shields of canvas the engineer has erected a scene of total mayhem. Streets and buildings fight for attention, sprayed with screaming grafitti tags.

Trashcans with burning fire on the corners of the streets, and very loud music coming from all directions, braying forth from the mercenaries' ghettoblasters. Under loud jeers and waving hands some of the rabble performs a near mechanical way of dancing, on a piece of cardboard lying in the mud. Pimped cars drive by slowly, most of them ridiculously bouncing on their front wheels, shaded windows lowered just a little bit, expensive sunglasses and bandanas staring back at you from inside.

Around the barrels a ragtag of scum stands, warming themselves on the fire, staring everybody defiantly in the eye. Some have a small plaster on their cheek, others have a blue ribbon hanging out of their backpockets and hairnets. They all carry strange amulets called BLINGBLING: golden necklaces and big golden rings, and shiny white shoes. All of them are now glaring openly at you. Some have (for some mysterious reason) rolled up one of their pants' legs. Busty girls wearing next to nothing, referred to by the mob as bitches, stand very close to the guys who blink the most or whom have the biggest muscle and ugliest face. They can't seem to stop shaking their behind.

Upon entering the hood, you will be almost instantly put to a halt by some kids and teenagers, demanding money, cigarettes and your shoes, something called a 9mm bulging from beneath their oversized shirts. Several larger silhouettes glare at you from alleyways, cars cruise by very slowly.