Hildmoor - Raven Hill artefact cemetery

Crude parts of machinery protrude from this hill in Hildmoor, cracking it open and reaching outwards to a grey and lifeless sky. It is almost as if they grow from the earth itself, a cruel mockery of nature. No water will spring here, no animal will shelter in its density... except for some scavengers lured in to pick the flesh of the carcasses that lay sprangled, twisted and distorted around the iron and steel. Here and there steam escapes from a valve with a loud hissss...

It is here that the last remainder of the Brotherhood, cast out and homeless, rallied to a last stand against the armies of the Autocracy. Outnumbered ten to one, fighting modern machinery of wheels and steam with swords and bows, they were decimated to the last man. Although the stand on Raven Hill only occured some days ago, the machines look like they have been there forever, rusted and creacking. Passer-by's get a cold chill in the bones when looking up at Raven Hill, and seeing the reminder of the fighting that happened there. It was unholy, and brutal, very brutal... the whole hill must be drenched with oil and blood.

Mechanical sounds haunt the hill at night. Whispers and rumors tell of machines that grow alive and restless again, blood running in their tubes and not oil.