Harbat - the widow's mansion

Loretta was married to one of the mightiest captain's in the city, Grimbeld. Every time his ship returned, it brought back unseen prizes; perfume, gold, spices, weapons of crafty design, maps, books. But alas, all the acquired wealth did Grimbeld little good when his ship was attacked by an unknow sea animal. Out of nowhere, a huge black bulk rose out of the water and smashed his ship asunder. After that, the beast disappeared as quick as it had emerged. Few survived the ordeal and many widows were left behind.

Loretta lives in a big mansion, filled with all the booty Grimbeld had brought her. But is is a lonely house. Loretta was unconsolable and has seldom been seen in public since. She has put out a reward of inconceivable wealth for anyone who can deliver her The Black Bulk.

At night, the mansion was full of eerie secrets, the bookcase in the library is not what it seems, nor are the paintings in the hallway).