Harbat - the wayfarer

A ramshackle shop in the cluster. It sells everything the adventurer needs: garlic and wooden stakes, wolfsbane and silver bullets, vials of blessed water, sunglasses, saddles, icepicks, a towel, parchments with illegible runes, the triple crossbow (see the book of law!), threehanded swords, hayfever ointments, halberds, honeycakes wrapped in leaves, complete sets of cooking pots and pans, a white flag, fortune-telling cards, dowsing rods, an ancre, gold rings on neckchains, beautiful scabbards, very thin grey cloaks, trollish-to-english dictionaries, mirrors, toothbrushes, aspirin, umbrellas, coin pouches, tobacco sacks, a teapot, empty diaries, the red telephone, the batsign, lubricant, magic acorns, a fake id of some guy named Abdullah, hostage notes with playful letters in different sizes and a "name here" field, an abacus, handkerchiefs, camouflage makeup, the Loremaster Bestiary Companion VII, and much, much more.

Most real travellers will soon ask themselves what the hell they are doing here, after which the shopkeeper, Horm, will try to convince them of his wares' use. Perhaps they should heed his words.