Harbat - the urban planning department

This department was founded after a certain incident. Its goals was to keep the people in check and oversee the growth of the city. But as most grand initiatives in Harbat, the execution of this plan failed miserably. People just didn't recognise The Deparments' authority and kept on building as they always had.

The Department is a big building in the town centre filled with desks and files. And dust. The few disgruntled clerks are far from helpful and usually just hide behind their stacks of files, seemingly very busy.

The department's shady background is a hornets' nest: a disaster with a lot of people still waiting on their coin, backroom swindling; some even claim it involved murder. The notary is still fishing it all out (or so he says), the burgmaster is looking for a scapegoat, Butch wants his gold, and the mason's guild denies everything. Who is really responsible?