Harbat - the undertaker's home

The undertaker is the one that runs the mausoleum. He is a sinister figure with definite social disorders. He seldom speaks to others, except perhaps to the notary, and he has an obsession with beauty. The doctor has suggested on multiple occasions that this man belongs in the asylum, but then Harbat would be without an undertaker.

The undertaker takes his work very seriously, actively scrounging the streets for new "clients", and has made a small fortune with his practice. He lives in a large mansion in Barrow's End at the edge of... nothing?. It is a rundown place with broken windows, crows, and an untended garden full of thorns and brambles. Once, when his beautiful wife was still alive, it was a cosy place, but now... No one ever ventures inside, though it is whispered the undertaker has devoted his house to his greatest challenge: the embalming of his wife's body. No one knows if this is true.