Harbat - the town square

At the heart of the town centre is the town square, quite a small square at that too, enclosed with beautiful buildings on all sides: some having crude grey stone and straw rooftops and wobbly chimneys (like the pie shop), others having collonaded archways and impressive gargoyles (like the old bailey), others still composed of red bricks and dull rows of square windows (like the office and the billery). And of course, the bellfry, somewhat dwarfing the town hall next to it. From this town hall, guards can usually be seen crossing the square to the town innhouse at the other side, and back again. Tucked away in the architectural mess is an odd church as well.

The town square and the surrouding alleys make up the administrative heart of the city, and is always full of clerks acting busy. None of them seems to pay any mind to the great statue on the square, or the beggar crouching against it for that matter. An elderly woman wanders around, feeding the birds.