Harbat - the town registry of burgers

The registry of burgers indexes only a minority of townsfolk. It seems not everyone is deemed as important as to appear in the ledger in the old bailey. It does have an elaborate description of Harbat's townsfolk in general, and their values.

SECTION 01: Idols and Heroes
All people deemed worthy of receiving the key to the city, but maintaining the proper conduct nonetheless regarding the law against heroism The scribe has attached as small note here, on it are some scribblings defining heroes.

SECTION 02: Tourists
All burgers deemed temporary visitors to the fine community of Harbat that do not have a clear goal or purpose in the city.

SECTION 03: Talking Animals and Vermin
Animals that are considered much more talkative and/or special that its ordinary brethren, and other vermin.

SECTION 04: Lost and Pitiful Ones