Harbat - the town innhouse

The official town innhouse is disdainfully dubbed "the fluffy hat" by the townspeople.

This inn on the town square is located next to the town hall where the burgmaster resides. Here the guards go for a drink when they are off-duty. The patron, Jacob, is a boring character who will kick out any drunk that comes in, and the waitresses are well mannered and well dressed. No ale is served here, to set a good example to the rest of Harbat.

Captain Headwurm is the most honored guest in the inn, his heroic portraits hang on every wall. When night falls, the guards come here to sing guardsongs and dance in circles. Although they don't come in uniform, they always put on their fluffy hats. Some guards have bigger hats than others, which makes them more respected among their coleagues. Naturally, captain Headwurm has the biggest hat of them all, it's so big he has to go down to his knees to enter through the door.

Every summer the feast of the dead serpent is celebrated here. It's a memorial to Headwurm's legendary fight with a vicious sea beast. The story says Headwurm's ship was attacked by a two-hundred meter long, three-headed sea monster. Our hero put on his fluffy hat, climbed in the mast, and jumped on it's back armed only with a dagger. After wrestling with the monster for three hours, he finally slit it's troats one by one. This way he saved the lives of countless people and also the burgmasters daughter. In doing this he won her heart, and married her a couple of months later.