Harbat - the town hall

The town hall on the town square is where the burgmaster lives - a fat lazy ass, generally. If he's not there you probably find him in the pie shop stuffing himself. It also houses the guard: a lot that is primarily occupied with defending the upper town and the basins. They wear ridiculous towering fur hats and pike helmets, and are generally respected by none. However, the guard's influence and power is still substantial: they execute THE LAW, and all abide to THE LAW. They can be dangerous enemies.

The captain of the guard, Hedwurm, claims to have fought in numerous wars at sea and onland, and he can often be found in taverns telling these tales and scoffing at lesser "heroes". Most of it are lies, but many people look up to him - young boys wishing to join the guard (which is in fact more of a vigilante) to become "just like him" (a dangerous thing in Mecca!)