Harbat - the tourist information centre

Located in the harbour, the tourist information centre (or TIC) is a good place to visit after settling things with the harbourmaster. The dainty office is cramped with colorful paintings and exotic objects from all over Harbat (including weaponry like a warhammer and a bows-and-arrows, various helmets, waterskins, oil lanterns, a cuckoo-clock that has been forgotten and lies dusting away behind some boxes, and a rabbit-suit). A counter offers crumbled parchments with strange runes and all sorts of maps. There is a wealth of information here, if one has the time to wade through the rubbish; fact has severely mingled with fiction in all writings. For example, the Hobgoblin inn is a popular place to visit for tourists, so almost all of the information, tales, and maps in the office start off from over there.

The clerks are always ready to offer a hand as well, sharing their information on the idyllic Barrow's End district or the popular stretch-neck tavern. If you really can't find what you need, the clerks will offer directions to the old bailey or the office.

When you enter the office for the first time, the clerks will ask you kindly to fill out some documents. These they share with their strategic allies to better accomodate the traveller. In general, you might end up revealing all of your secret plans to dangerous parties, like Bill the Butcher and Butch the Biller.

The tourist information centre offers tours as well; you can book a passage here on the orchabdboat for example.