Harbat - the third goblin island

The last of the goblin Islands is, like its brethren, plagued by winds and rain. Misty moors and barren hills stretch out in all directions, but in between is a setting both idyllic and frightensome: a crooked woodland reach with a river and fields next to it. All corn, grain, pumpkins, scarecrows and farmsteads.

The town near the fields is Hollow Deep, a small place with a toll house (or troll house) across the river. It has the Sleepy Dragon inn, and a store and a small parish conveniently labelled "store" and "parish". All the other residences belong to the farmers and townspeople. Once a year, ships from Harbat come and take away all the grain, and store it in the granary.

In the distance, you can make out a crude castle on a tall hill covered with trees. Wolves howl in the distance.