Harbat - the teahouse

In this store tea was sold. Tea isn't that special, if there was any. Now there is a story behind the teahouse. Once it a was a thriving business. Everyone took it for granted and everyone liked a cup of tea in the mornig, or at tea-time. Suddenly it wasn't fashionable anymore to drink tea in certain circles, and this trend spread around Harbat like a fire. The teahouse went bankrupt, and the owner, out of malcontent, threw his entire stock in the sea.

This happened some time ago. Now, tea is a rarity, and near impossible to find. The teahouse is in shambles. Inside the shopkeeper is sobbing and whining. He lost it when he was calculating the profits he would be making if he hadn't thrown his entire stock in the ocean (and thus creating the biggest cup of tea in history, a bit salty, but nevertheless tea).