Harbat - the tattoo parlour

The tattoo parlour lies somewhat in a quiet backalley of the market. You can hear the noise from the bristling city market in the distance. Only when you are outside, because once you step inside, all sound dies, and only silence remains. You enter in a sort of living room, with comfortable couches, fury rugs, and beautiful abstract line-drawings on the walls. At the far end of the room is another door with a curtain in front of it. In that room stands a high and long table with cushions on it.

Here the tattooist, named Ink, works his magic. He has countless needles, in all sorts and shapes, pots with black ink, and 100% pure spirit that itches when you put it on a wound, but Ink claims that it helps against infections.

Ink does casual tattoos such as text, maps, manuals, but also tattoos which are absolutely unique and according to some, dangerous. He can't read or write himself, so he regards text as imagery.

Tattoos really changed him. He looks more frightning and is definitly stronger

Ink is a very straightforward guy. The price you pay for a unique tattoo is pretty unique as well. When you first visit him, he will have a casual talk about your motivation, and then you will have to pay the first part. He will then start to work on the tattoo. The placing of the drawing on the skin is a delicate technique, an art, and Ink is a true artist. All the sketches will be burned when you are present. Ink's policy is one of absolute trust, both ways. If you arent absolutely honest about the motivation for the tattoo, he can't guarantee that it will be good.

Tattoos for sale

  • tattoo of good luck (for certain situations you get a better roll with the fate die)
  • tattoo of wisdom (gain extra insight)
  • tattoo of spirit (gain extra valour)
  • tattoo of deftness(gain extra precision)
  • tattoo of wits (gain extra memory)
  • tattoo of charm (gain extra mien)
  • tattoo of fright

Shred of Ogre-skin
A fiendish grin splits your face as you regard your new tattoo. You feel... stronger... almost inhumanlike... you could easily squeeze the life out of anyone, if you so wished. Little flies... look at that one over there, thinks he's really something doesn't he... impressing his little lady with his WEAK and PUNY muscles... Glancing sidelong, you feel his eyes boring into your back, laughing, scoffing. Insolent FOOL! You'll TEACH him. Later on, not now. Wrench his HEAD from his BODY. And then his little lady will be YOURS... a fiendish grin splits your face.

Tree Bark
This tattoo looks and feels like real, strong oak. A shiver goes down your spine when it is placed, as if roots and twigs were burrowing down your skin and through your veins. Your skin feels hard and rough, and strong. You feel as if you could run for a day and a night, and not feel tired one bit, and take a falling boulder on the chest and not feel a shred of pain. But somedays you just can't help but wonder why you would run around for a day and a night when you could stand about, idly basking in the warmth of the sun.

Bond of Unity
No one really understands the meaning of this glyph. Even the tattooist himself has a hard time explaining its purpose. It is as if this mark, drawn on the heart, binds yourself inside yourself. Your kind side. Your evil side. Your soul. Your griefs, nightmares, and pains. Your hopes, your sanity, your mortality. All bound and kept safe inside your body, forever there. You can't help but wonder if this isn't always the case... your heart, dreams and thoughts are always a part of yourself... aren't they?

Oath of Retribution
A tattooed reminder of who you hate, and why you are hunting him/her/it. This glyph is very binding, almost like a geas: the bearer is prosperous as long as he pursues his vengeance, but failure would mean a certain death. Many bearers found their death once their enemies learned of their oath and devised a plot which made it impossible to attain the retribution (tragedies like Turin Turambar, Cuchullain).

Peter's Mark
This is the mark of Peter, a kind of peculiar small boy that died a few years ago. Once you wear it, you are Peter. Everyone will regard you as Peter. Maybe you'll even enjoy being Peter so much you'll never change again.

Unbirthday Glyph
This tattoo is of such beauty that people can stare at it for hours, forgetting everything else - even your birthday! And if there's no one there to remember your birthday, you don't have a birthday anymore... and NEVER AGE. So if you can put up with the fact that you become a ghost (people are oblivious to anything but your nice tattoo), immortality is at your grasp.

Wolf-head Scar
This tattoo of a wolfen head is drawn with a crude knife, leaving a gnawing scar. Once worn, the world around you transforms into something wild. You can hear spiders whispering in the dark, smell the butcher's roated meat from a hundred miles. And your eyes, they see all. YOU are the hunter now.

Fools' Telltale
Some things are best not forgotten. What better place to leave such thoughts than your own body, safely stored outside the frail and fickle memory? The tattooist will give you a tattoo so painful, or so ominously large that you will never forget the words inscribed there.