Harbat - the stool inn

Inside it's nice and warm compared to the frequent rain and mist outside.

The Stool Inn is a dark and smoky and hearty inn: the main room is divided into small sitting corners around the edges, with a bustle of candles, chandeliers and stools and small tables in the centre. A great hearth burns near the entrance, with some comfortable couches (usually taken by eldery folk pining away at the tales of old). A great stuffed bear trophy stands near the hearth. A balcony overlooks the main room, and here, more tables and stools, and a handful of the more shady activities going on (dice games, bartering). There is a small stage for the occasional performers as well, but unless it's drinking music, no one seems to mind very much.

The innkeeper, a fat man named Edward, serves a multitude of giant pints of beer and ale and plates such as soup, bread and cheese, fruits, porridge, lamb stew, roasted game, hot pasties. The inn sells travel rations as well. Upstairs are several comfortable chambers, decorated with carpets, chests, antler heads and deep beds. Small round windows look out over the cluster.

The inn has all sorts of customers. There is Harold, the blacksmith, for example. He spends all his coin on beer, and the innkeeper spends all his coin on a bronze chandelier (a gift for his wife) crafted by the blacksmith. This keeps both of them in business nicely. Or a score of the dwarves from the circus, usually stumbling in halfway the night, drunk, trying to make a quick coin with juggling acts and nimble fingers. The innkeeper doesn't like the circus lot at all - and this usually ends up in some fierce discussions. Or the crew of a warship: a lot dressed in stiff buttoned uniforms and ridiculous hats. Or that horrible poet keeping everyone out of their sleep. Or the crimp, smiling at you. And in the corner is a silent group in hooded cloaks, watching you.

And all travellers from Torth and Morberg eventually end up in the Stool inn as well.