Harbat - the scientist's laboratory

This "scientist" has her laboratory in the town centre (she likes to have interesting things to do nearby). The laboratory is full of shelves with jars holding conservated skeletons, and pots with odd and prickly plants. Littered everywhere are rusty cages with all sorts of squeaking animals, and notes scribbled on pieces of parchment. The scientist, Catherine, is very chaotic and untidy, and so is her laboratory. You can often find her wandering around in her little workplace, mumbling to her animals, or staring at a wall for a bit.

When she runs around town (accompanied by a bouncy white dog) chasing this or that animal, she always has her butterfly net handy. And she constantly bumps into others.

The laboratory has an enclosed garden with a small pond where Catherine keeps some fish and frogs for close observation. As to what the purpose of all this intensive research might be, one can only wonder. When asked, Catherine will fire away a lot of complex words and phrases before falling quizzically silent in mid-sentence.