Harbat - the quack

The quack has his own little dark practice in the darker parts of town. He has arranged his office as to ressemble the esteemed doctor's practice. Of course, his decorations are of a somewhat lesser value.

He uses cruel methods, primitive devices and no anesthetics, apart from liquor. Which he uses himself as well, while operating. The devices he uses are his own designs and are tested on his patients. They are crude and painful but they get the job done. Sometimes. All in all, you're better off staying away from the good doctor. Even in case of emergency. But he is cheap, which is his finest trait.

The quack is an elder tall scrawny man with sinewy muscles. He wears round spectacles with darkened glasses, which makes it impossible to see his eyes. He has a dark grey, filthy coverall with two rows of buttons down to his knees, dark brown pants and sturdy boots. All of his clothes are much to big for his thin body. He has an ill-favored look to him.