Harbat - the prison

Beyond the periphery of known land, off the maps available in Harbat, lies Sorrow's Peak, the prison. It rests on a giant peak of rock that pertrudes upwards from the water to the sky. The prison walls and fortified towers are built atop the peak, but the interior reaches deep deep down. There are only two ways down: one is an elevator that descends from the highest tower. It is well guarded and requires about four men to operate. The other way is by airship, down the shaft. At its bottom is a landing platform (it would take some crafty sailing to land here), and hallways and tunnels branch out in all directions. Windows are sealed up with steel grills and even the drains are bared up thight. A single gallows hangs from the largest tower, a warning for the prisoners that misconduct is severely punished.

Escape is impossible since the cliff falls straight down a hundred meters into a sea filled with razor-sharp rocks. Even if you would get down, there's not a single sign of life for many, many sea leagues.

Inside, the prison is divided into gangs. Strong factions that protect its members and prey on the weak, the poor souls that are protected by no one. Inside, the prison has its own law: the law of might. He who holds power, holds sway over others. People are murdered over nothing more than a glance. Sadly, not everyone is guilty enough to be here. Now and then bureacratic errors occur, and some prisoners act as scapegoat for others - something they have come to regret very deeply once inside. Knowing the right people in the office can be helpful.

There are three major gangs in the prison. In fact, there are more, but these are less influential and stay out of the way of the larger fish. These three "brotherhoods" as they like to call themselves are Jackknife, Ironfist and Bullersten. The Jackknife pack is led by a man named Kalen (and his sadist right-hand man Kerrich). Both of them were rounded up during a civil strife in the brigands' hive (a strife that didn't change anything for that matter: the officials and clerks burried all their good intentions afterward under piles and piles of paperwork). The Ironfist pack is led by a man named Malise, born and bred in the prison, and thus without any moral sense of right and wrong - he takes what he wants, has multiple wives ("my pack of whores") whose husbands he murdered, and disrespects the elderly. The Bullersten pack is led by Roderick, the lesser of three evils. Roderick has a disformed son that is said to have seeric visions of apocalyptic proportion. Some claim they have seen him outside of the prison - roaming the streets of Harbat, babbling about the end, sweating, his eyes blank, white.

In Harbat, almost nothing is known about the prison. It has become a horror story, something that drives fear into the hearts of men. It has the ring of a violent thunderstorm, something dark in the distance. A fearful chimera, elusive and as hard to fathom as a nightmare. No one could actually fathom that when someone is sent away to prison, he REALLY goes to SORROW'S PEAK. Once you are thus condemned, the way back is barred for good. No one has ever returned from the prison's bowels.