Harbat - the pottery

The pottery is located in the cluster and has a shop at the front end, where you can get all kinds of cosy and fun pots. They are stacked up in a very delicate-"display"-kind-of-way, outside. Most of the time the pots lie strewn around in shambles, knocked over by some some fool. Then the potters have to start all over.

Inside, the pottery consists of a large working place, with a room next door where they draw the plans for the more exact objects. From there, when you go through the garden, you reach the ovens. Heat radiates around this brick building. The reason why the ovens are situated in the back of the garden is because of the high temperatures they produce and the subsequential fire hazard.

The most used material here is clay, used in all kinds of useful jugs, pots, flasks, jars and so on.