Harbat - the pie shop

For many years now Miss Daisy has been the owner of the pie-shop. She took over the business from her father and in that way sustained an old family tradition. Although she never married or had children, you won't find anyone who looks more like a grandmother than Miss Daisy. An elderly woman, a little bit chubby, and always busy pleasing her customers with her pieces of artistry. Her gentle eyes and her everlasting smile make you feel at home right away.

It's a bit of an awkward place. In Harbat many things aren't what they seem to be, but the pie shop is exactly what it seems to be: just a shop that sells pies and other types of bakery. There are but a few tables and chairs but they are always occupied. A lot of people seem to have a craving for the pies and cosiness. The fact that there isn't some hidden dark secret here makes some people feel uncomfortable. It's no place for suspicious folk.

Situated on the town square, it's almost like an island of innocence, a little shelter of naivity.