Harbat - the orphanage

The orphanage is located at the edge of the city, in Crickety, out of the hustling bustling centre. It is a gentleman's house, and a very big one too. From the streets you can just see the top of it, because around the house, there is a garden. And around the garden there is a high iron fence, overgrown with ivy.

The people who run the orphanage mean well, but their funds are limited. The house, therefore, is a bit wore down, and the large garden not well tended (and inside many of the planks of the wooden floor are loose, and one can easily trip over it). They take care of about thirty childeren, between the age of one and nine. When they are ten they can't stay in the old house anymore.

The doctor gives donations to the orphanage from time to time, although he will not come near the place. We think he's trying to make up for some wrong he has done by donating to charity.

Apparently there is a lot of commotion when you enter the orphanage. A score of 10 children stands in front of the house with metal pots on their heads, wooden swords, their faces covered with dirt. They welcome you as reinforcements, because, it seems, they are being besieged!