Harbat - the optics workshop

ATTENTION! DEFINITION: Optician (op=B7ti=B7cian) =3D
1. One that makes lenses and eyeglasses.
2. One that sells lenses, eyeglasses, and other optical instruments.

The optician has a peculiar workshop somewhere in the market, serving quite a few customers, such as the quack, Foureyes, the esteemed notary, Mr. Wemmick, the good doctor Ichabot to name just a few.

The optician, Baltus, is the only one in this godforsaken town that seems to understand the new dawning era: his tools are sense and reason, cause and consequence. He is constantly babbling about something called a "universe" that can be ordered by "science". His little shop is filled with convex and concave "lenses" in all sizes and colors (like the ones in the weather station and the bellfry, and strange machines called "oculars" and "scopes" (devilry that makes things very big or very small), and something most magical: a rotating cilinder that has a little running man of about 5 "centimeters" trapped inside it!

Baltus has an ongoing discussion with the louts from the jig. He is in constant need for bolts and screws, so he spends a lot of time going to and fro the boltshop. This is the part of the day he hates. Personally, he thinks Angles, Rupert and Ron are all imbeciles (although silently he admires their work). Angles, Rupert and Ron on the other hand, think Baltus is a lefthand pansy(although silently they admire his work).

They all spend hours discussing, shouting, harassing each other, and generally not agreeing on one of their favorite topics: the project for a better world.