Harbat - the one man band

A horrible cacophony of bells and horns from around the corner suddenly draws your attention. Could it be... Quickly you hasten your pace and emerge into a smaller alley of the boutiques. IT'S HIM! You quickly press against the wall, not wishing the devil to notice you.

A few paces away, the one-man-band loiters around idly, stamping his feet on the ground to rumble the big drum on his back, his face all red from the huffing and puffing on his bagpipes, bombardon and clarions, and his hands working the fiddle strapped to his shoulder and the squeezebox at his waist. All together it produces a sound that.. makes your hair rise. And he's doing his little marching soldier act as well. As you eye him from this distance, it almost seems as if some of the instruments were a part of his body...

But he's not getting away this time.

  • With a shout, you lunge towards him.
  • You watch him from the shadows, waiting to see what happens.