Harbat - the office

Seen from the town square, it seems almost impossible how so many desks and offices and stairs and floors all fit into the nameless building. No one really knows exactly what this office does - however, once you enter it becomes obvious quickly, almost matter-of-factly, _how could you not have known!, and it involves a tenious stream of paperwork, and YOU yourself are actually a centrepoint in the office's reelings and dealings - why, EVERYTHING has an ESSENTIAL ROLE in the office's business, as you will quickly discover._

If ever you need a document, this is the place to be. The problem is, once you get in, you'll never get out.

For starters, you need a pass to get in, to obtain that pass will take you about 2 days of running around in the place. If during that time you get caught without an entrance pass, you will need to get hold of a temporary pass and a brief in which it says that you were in search of an entrance pass. If you get caught searching for a temporary pass, without an entrance pass, you will need to obtain the free brief to prove your good intent, and so on.

Imagine what it would take to get an exit pass.

Since the chances of leaving this pound once entangled in its bureacratic mess are rather slight, no one is really fond of entering this building. Nonetheless, the doors stand slightly ajar, and a helpful and handsome clerk calls to you from behind it: "Are you alright sir? Might I be of any assistance to you? Do come in, out of the cold, good sir!"