Harbat - the mines

The mines are accessible from the harbour. A crude construction of wood and gears, next to a huff-puff-steam-engine, leads down deep into the deeps. Within the rocks, a string of corridors and hallways stretch throughout the island. Miners, many of them slaves (imported or endebted), dig away in the rock, uncertain what it is they are looking for.

The mining guild isn't sure either.

It is a dark and damp place and many die of exhaustion. Machines and conveyer belts of ramshackle quality groan away all day long and kill many of the workers. The timber they use to uphold the corridors are rotten and many a times, they collapse, burying dozens of miners alive.

The working conditions in the mines are poor. The workers have to slave for days on end, are malnutritioned and get beaten by the guards. Some of the miners have never seen daylight. Their eyes are glazy and have bluish milky-white irisses.